Holy. Shit

So, full disclosure, I’ve done this before. Written a blog. Well, I wrote like 5 posts and then totally lost interest but still, this isn’t my first rodeo. I’m going to try to actually keep up with this one though. I mean, no promises. Don’t get all excited about the title and the photo of me in a swing and think, well this is what I have been missing in my life, I could disappear tomorrow. I’m just saying I don’t want to.

Anyway, I was bored today at work (something a Director of things should never say out loud but clearly I’m not that kind of Director) and ended up googling my old social media handle, because that’s totally a thing normal people do. Two google pages into my search my old blog popped up and I was immediately embarrassed about ┬áthe bullshit I would write about (there is one Haiku on there that was pretty funny and might copy over to this site but everything thing else, garbage) and thought, maybe it’s time to write something honest for once. I think I might be a habitual liar. Something I am sure my wife does not love about me (yep, gay!). I mean, I don’t lie maliciously, I just lie to make it seem like I feel things other people feel, or think the way other people think when clearly I do not.

So. Promise number one. No lies. No making myself sound better, cooler, sadder, etc. This might end up being suuuuuper boring. If nothing else it will be a good exercise in truth telling.

Things that will be discussed on this site.

  1. What happens when lesbians start trying to have children. Good news, props are used in the process and so far the two attempts have not panned out but there are some pretty good stories so far.
  2. Why the fuck is it called Unicorn Suicide. There are drawings involved.
  3. How is it possible that a person who has no idea what she is doing is in charge of a lot of people and some pretty important stuff. I think the word impostor syndrome is going to get used A LOT during these discussions.
  4. Other very important things and stuff. No doubt. (not the band, even though I did like them)

Things that will probably totally bother you about this blog.

  1. My over/mis use of punctuation,!
  2. Likely a slew of run on sentences
  3. Basically anything that might get destroyed by an Honors English teacher (Hi Mrs. Gavin, Mrs. Gavin is totally not reading this, but if she was she would be appalled at the fact that I have yet to curb my love of writing a stream of thoughts with little to no regard for proper sentence structure.


You’ve been warned.

PT (something much catchier to come at a later date I am sure)